TNT-PC offers Outsource English Office IT Solutions in Kansai Japan.

Ms. Kay Vreeland ---
I just want to thank Koji and everyone at TNT --you've kept me happily computing through new hardware, new systems and software, virus attacks and assorted (always emergency) needs for the last 5 years. Thanks for creating a company that heavy-computer-use people like me can be happy to utilize. TNT's personalized support is a godsend. Thanks again and good luck in what looks to be a very busy future!

Mr. Todd Hamilton ---
Koji, Hidemi and the rest of the crew at TNT-PC have been absolutely fantastic. They understand that not everybody has a degree in computers and took the time to make sure that I and my fiancé understood what our computer could do. They explained everything in easy-to-understand terms. And when we had any questions or there were things that we had forgotten, they were only to happy to help us. We use our computer for work and for personal use. It's exactly what we wanted. A power house that we could take anywhere and do pretty much anything with. We purchased a Toshiba Dynabook G7X19PDE. Koji, Hidemi and everybody at TNT made sure that we got exactly what we wanted and they gave us great customer service. This is why we will take our business back to TNT-PC again and again.